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Video Courses on Music Theory Around the Web

Viceo Courses Around the Web

Here is a selection of video courses on music theory subjects available around the web.

Please note that I cannot take responsibility for content on other sites. Prices listed were correct at the time of publication but may change without notice.

Some links on this page are affiliate links which means a small percentage of the fee is returned to MyMusicTheory - this helps with our costs so your patronage is appreciated!


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Title Description By Price Level Link
An Introduction to Music Research  Explore the ways in which music may be researched. Open University Free  Advanced  View
Music and its Media   Examine how the means of communicating a particular piece can change over time; and how the appearance and contents of a source can reflect the circumstances in which it is produced Open University Free  Intermediate  View
Understanding Musical Scores  Explore what's involved when musicians create a performance from musical notation. Open University Free  Elementary  View
Voice Leading Analysis of Music I: The Foreground  Introduction to 'voice-leading' or 'Schenkerian' analysis. Open University Free  Advanced  View
Voice Leading Analysis of Music II: The Middleground  Part 2 of the Schenkerian analysis course. Open University Free  Advanced  View
Voice Leading Analysis of Music III: The Background Part 3 of the Schenkerian analysis course. Open University Free Advanced View
Music 112: Listening to Music Develop your aural skills that lead to an understanding of Western music. Yale University Free Elementary View
Orchestration 101: The String Section Learn the art of composing and orchestrating for strings. Thomas Goss $23.60 Intermediate View
Orchestration 101: The Wind Section Learn all about the woodwind instruments, their techniques and articulations and how to score for them. Thomas Goss $23.60 Intermediate View
 Jazz Theory Explored  Learn all about the chordal constructs and melodic options that give jazz its signature sound.  Gregg Fine $23.60  Intermediate  View
Defining the String Quartet Analyse the string quartet with particular attention on Haydn’s towering, history-shaping achievement. Stanford University Free Intermediate View
Reinventing the Piano This course uses the piano to bring together a range of subjects that are often ignored or under developed in traditional music curricula. Princeton University Free Elementary View