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Grade 7 Composition Video Course


Grade 7 ABRSM Music Theory: Composing a Melody Video Course

"Victoria's methodical approach and clear explanations and examples make this complex topic a joy to study! The information is delivered in byte sized chunks that have enabled me to practice each element before moving on. Am now looking forward to an excellent mark in my forthcoming G7 exam! Thanks again Victoria!"


Published in October 2015, our Grade 7 Composition Course is a must if you are planning on taking the ABRSM Grade 7 Music Theory Exam.

grade 7 composition 1015

Price:  £20

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7 music

What you'll learn:

  • What the exam questions look like and what's expected of you
  • How to get the style/genre right
  • How to compose a melody to fit a given accompaniment (question 3a)
  • How to compose a melody to fit a given chord progression (question 3b)
  • How to modulate effectively
  • What the examiners are looking for and how to please them!


 Watch the intro video here:


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