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victoria Williams Music Theory

Victoria Williams

LmusTCL BA Mus (Hons) MISM

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Next UK ABRSM Paper-based Theory Exams Grades 6-8:
Sat 17th June 2023 [Grades 1-5 now available online on demand]
Next UK Trinity Paper-based Theory Exams Grades 1-8 & diplomas:
from Sat 13th May 2023

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Video Course: Grade 5 Complete Course


Video Course: Complete Grade 5 Music Theory Course (ABRSM)


Price: Self-Study version £35


Gain a Distinction in Your ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Exam

  • Learn at home at your own convenience
  • Take structured, step-by-step lessons covering the whole ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Syllabus
  • Access the materials online on your PC or mobile device
  • Use the PDF downloads to help you study, remember, and do practice exercises
  • 14 assignments (answers provided too!)
  • Pre-course test to see your current level 
  • Mock test before your exam (answers included)
  • Constant support by email whenever you need it
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Interactive online quizzes
  • PDFs of extra practice materials
  • Suitable for ages 10-adult
  • No previous music theory exam experience necessary


The assessed version also includes marking of:

  • Pre-course test
  • 14 assignments
  • Mock test
  • plus ongoing help via email 


The course covers everything you need to know in order to pass the ABRSM music theory exam with a high score.


What's in the Video Course: Grade 5 Music Theory: Complete Course

  • Pre-course assessment test
  • Notation (including symbols, foreign terms, ornaments etc.)
  • Time signatures (including rewriting in a new time signature)
  • Key signatures
  • Scales (Major, minor harmonic, minor melodic and chromatic)
  • Clefs (Treble, bass, octave treble, alto and tenor)
  • Intervals
  • Chords
  • Cadences
  • Working out the Key
  • Transposition
  • Standard orchestral instruments general knowledge
  • Mock exam

Students who've taken this course already have said:


"I checked my Music Theory Grade 5 results online. I got 97%! A distinction! I am delighted. Your instruction is so easy to follow and perfectly clear and enlightening."
"My 11 year old just got his grade 5 result. 90% Distinction first time. Your materials are excellent, thanks very much"
"I found it brilliant and much easier to study than looking at books. I'm due to take the exam in November and with so much being available on line for nothing I was reluctant to pay but it really has been money well spent"
"I completed my test in March this year and genuinely think I couldn't have done certain things without your brilliant advice. I am currently completing my A-levels and I wanted to ensure that I could find an extra couple of UCAS points before applying. Your videos are truly superb and I cant thank you enough."

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