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Video Course: Figured Bass in 3 Hours


Video Course: Become a Figured Bass Expert in 3 Hours!

"I am really impressed with this straightforward course. Everything is explained clearly and logically. It has helped me understand figured bass - I felt like I was in a classroom with a teacher. It allows you to work at your own pace and keep going over any aspects of the course that you may find difficult."

"Very helpful course. I've been exploring J.S. Bach's use of dissonance in his choral works, but had an insufficient background in figured bass. This course was a great help. As a side note, I appreciated the mention of U.S. names for note values and exams (AP). Thank you." (Please note - both UK and USA names are used in all courses provided by MyMusicTheory).

"Amazing course! This course explains EVERYTHING that you need to know with regards to figured bass. I have been a student with her for a couple months with hopes to prepare for the Grade 6 exam and I must say that I have come a long way so far. The material in this course has been explained very well and clear and I believe that this will clear up a lot of question and confusion with regards to the topic, it surely did for me!"


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If you find Figured Bass mysterious or confusing, this course is for you.


  • This course explains in clear steps how figured bass works and more importantly how you can master it. We'll also take a quick peek why it exists in the first place!
  • All the essential rules of harmony are explained to you, and you'll get plenty of tips on best practice as well, so your harmony will sound great!
  • The course also covers specific exam questions which come up in the ABRSM exam (grades 6), as well as being helpful for the UK A Level Music (technical study paper) and AP Music theory.
  • Each lesson contains real music examples and you get to watch me working through the exam questions in real time.
  • I'll share with you the best way to think through the questions, which rules of harmony have to be obeyed and which are simply guidelines, and how to check through your work to maximize your success.
  • Each musical example is worked through as per the exam question rubric, but I then show you how that music could be further decorated in practice to produce beautiful music - all audio is included of course!


Figured bass doesn't have to be difficult. Join the MyMusicTheory Figured Bass Course today, and see how a few rules can be transferred into writing the best possible harmony!


"I really loved doing this course and found it hugely helpful in my learning. It was also enjoyable listening to Victoria explaining it all, rather than ploughing through a book. Excellent!"



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