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 Music Theory Quiz Pagemusic theory quiz


 Welcome to our music theory quiz page, where you can test yourself online on many different music theory topics!

Quizzes are a great way to test your knowledge in a fun way. I'm always adding quizzes to this page, so if you have an idea or request for a music theory quiz on a particular subject, drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

If you experience a problem with any quiz, please let me know!


Music Theory Quiz List

What Music Theory Grade Are You?

neapolitan chord quiz

Use this carefully crafted quiz to work out which ABRSM music theory level you are currently at. This quiz will give you a selection questions typical of each level of music theory knowledge, from note names, through scales and chords, up to complex harmony and detailed knowledge of genre.

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Music History Knowledge Quiz

music history quiz beethoven

Try this fun quiz to see how much you know about the history of music! Test yourself on your knowledge about style, form, instruments and composers through the ages!

All the answers can be found in our Guide to Music Series on the MyMusicTheory Blog.

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Grade 1 ABRSM Music Theory Test

time signature 4/4Simulate the ABRSM Grade One Music Theory Exam with this free online quiz-style test. The questions are in a similar format to those you'll find in the real exam, as far as possible. No substitute for doing real past papers though - make sure you do plenty of tests with pencil and paper before you take your exam!

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Grade 1 Music Theory Terms Quiz

foreign music theory term allegroTest your knowledge of the foreign musical words set out in the Grade One ABRSM music theory syllabus. This quiz will test you on a selection of terms - take the test again and you'll get a different mix of words. All the foreign musical terms at this grade are Italian.

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 Grade 2 Music Theory Terms Quiz

largo music theory termThis quiz tests your knowledge of foreign music theory terms for ABRSM grade 2. All the ABRSM music theory grades are cumulative - you need to know the Grade 1 terms for this grade as well - they're all here in the Grade 2 Music Theory Quiz!

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 Grade 3 Music Theory Terms Quiz

subito grade 3 musical termAs above, the Grade 3 Music Theory quiz tests your knowledge of the foreign musical terms from the ABRSM syllabus grades 1-3. Take the test again to get a new set of musical words in your quiz!

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Grade 4 Music Theory Terms Quiz

morendo grade 4 music theoryThe Grade 4 Music Theory Terms quiz tests your knowlegde of the foreign musical terms on the ABRSM syllabus from grades 1-4. At this grade you need to know all the terms from grade 1 upwards, and the grade 4 syllabus introduces some words in French, as well as the standard Italian terms.

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Grade 5 Time Signatures Quiz

time signatures quizTest yourself on identifying the correct time signature from a single bar of music, as well as your ability to say whether a time signature is simple or compound, regular or irregular, and duple, triple or quadruple.

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Grade 5 Foreign Terms Game 

grade 5 theory terms quizMatching game using the foreign musical terms from the Grade 5 ABRSM syllabus. Beat your best time and get your name on the leader board!


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Grade 6 ABRSM Foreign Terms Quiz

saltandoTest yourself on some of the trickier foreign musical terms, that may come up at grade 6 or beyond!

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 Grade 5 Music Theory Quiz - Revision [Flash]

ABRSM Grade 5 music theory quizThis is a quick quiz to test your knowledge for ABRSM Grade 5 music theory! This is a revision quiz, which covers lots of different types of knowledge.

Take the quiz a few times - you'll get a different quiz each time!

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 Grade 5 Musical Intervals Quiz [Flash]

intervals quizThis free online quiz tests your knowledge of intervals at grade 5 level. You're tested on the interval's number (e.g. 5th, compound etc) and its quality (e.g. perfect, major etc.)The questions are picked randomly and shuffled each time, so you can play as many times as you like!

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musical symbols quiz

Grade 5 Musical Symbols Quiz [Flash]

This music theory quiz tests all kind of music notation symbols at ABRSM grade 5 - notes, rests, articulations, ornaments and so on!

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Grade 5 Big Foreign Terms Quiz [Flash]

estintoA multi-level BIG quiz on many music theory terms from the ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory syllabus. Can you pass the fiendish level?!

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