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Grade 5 Music Theory Revision Course

Grade 5 Music Theory - Revision Course

arrowStudents who've taken this course improved their results by an average increase of 28%. You could too!

arrowThere are 14 points between a pass and a merit, and 10 between a merit and a distinction. 

arrow All coursework will be marked by Victoria Williams BA Mus AmusTCL. Marking includes advice and comments - not just grades!


Revision Course Details

For students taking ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory. 

Price: £90 (including marking)

Fee includes a pre-course assessment test, 5+ hours of HD video, 14 revision topics wth homework, mock test and revision tips, plus marking of both tests and all homeworks.

Time needed to complete the course: 20-40 hours.

If you would like to register more than one person for the course, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information.


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 "Just wanted to let you know that Stella got distinction in the Grade 5 theory exam 94% - so thank you again for your help achieving that with your excellent course and advice! We're very pleased!" - Madeleine, April 2015.



  • The course is designed to maximise your points in the exam.
  • On payment you will be able to download your "Entry Test" designed to see what you already know and what you need to work on.
  • You should return this asap. You will need to be able to scan or photograph/scan the test and email it back to us.
  • We will return your marked test with a result and comments about the topics you need to improve on. 
  • Study topics:
    • notation
    • key signatures
    • time signatures 
    • rewriting in a new time signature
    • clefs
    • instruments
    • scales
    • intervals 
    • chords 
    • how to work out key
    • cadences 
    • transposition
  • You can download all materials directly from the course interface.
  • You can watch the videos on your PC or mobile device.
  • For each topic there is a homework task which can be returned to me for marking and comments (answers are also provided if you prefer to check them yourself). You can of course ask if you have any questions or still don't understand anything.
  • The course is suitable for age 10 to adult.



Grade 5 Theory Revision Course Statistics 

(updated November 2015, stats since October 2012)

  • % of people who have passed their Grade 5 Theory after completing this course: 99%
  • Average result of Entry Test (before starting course): 52% (Fail)
  • Average result in actual Exam (after completing revision course): 83.7% (Merit)
  • Breakdown of results: Pass 40%; Merit 40%; Distinction 20%
  • Average points improvement per student (from entry test to actual result): 28+
  • Student who improved the most: Entry 32.6%, actual result 88% (Merit), points increased after revision course: 55.4



For more information, please get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



"Just wanted to let you know that Amanda got a merit for her exam . She was only one mark off from a distinction. She got 89 . We are very happy and we wanted to thank you once again for your brilliant teaching ,advice ,guidance. You supported her through the revision time. These days it is so difficult to find a good teacher and we are so grateful to have found you. I wish you all the best with your work/life. And who knows we might return for further grades!"

Shida and Amanda, March 2014


"Hallo Victoria, Just heard that Kevin has achieved a good 85% on his Music Theory Exam - thanks mostly to your coaching in the last weeks! Hopefully you can help him further as he's motivated enough now to clear more theory exams!"

Mini, March 2014


"Hello Victoria, i was just emailing you to say that i passed my grade 5 theory with 86 marks (merit)! Thank you so much - i couldn't possibly have done it without you!!!"

Angus, March 2014 (had failed previously, before studying with us)


"I have received some very good news: I attained a merit (87%) in my grade 5 theory exam.  I would never have even been in a position to sit the exam this year if it hadn’t been for your help.  Thank you for your wonderful support and dedication.  Your excellent training package, clear explanations and fast turnaround times were greatly appreciated.  The theory will certainly be useful as I proceed to Grade 6 piano."

Teresa, December 2013


"Good news all round - Yusef got 91% - that means you pushed him from a pass to a distinction. Your composition tutoring really gave him that boost he needed. He said that he had found the composition on the paper "easy"! That was all down to your tips.

Thanks so much."

(From Yusef's Mum) July 2013


"Just to let you know that Milly got 89 in her Grade 5 theory exam – such an improvement on her initial score in the mock test all those weeks ago. Thank you for your wonderful course. I KNOW she wouldn’t have achieved such a great score without your fabulous system!

(From Milly's Mum) July 2013


"I just wanted to say thank you for the detailed feedback on my mock exam. I've learned from it in several ways. It has drawn my attention to the ways in which I make silly mistakes, eg not reading the question properly, not checking answers, not notating accurately. 

Also, I think your feedback on the composition question has shown me where I'm going wrong there. I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but I seem to be getting there with your input!

The revision course was very useful and well worth the fee. Also, the revision notes, for a last minute memory boost."

Bren: Passed Grade 5 with 95/100 in November 2012.


"I want to thank you for helping me so much during the time before the exam.

You really helped me a lot, without you I would have got a different result. Well I got (you probably won't believe this) ... DISTINCTION!!!

I just want to thank you again for making things so clear/easy for me. Remenber how I didn't even pass the entry test you gave me before the start of the course! Thank you so so much for helping me out."

Rosia (aged 9): Passed Grade 5 with 93/100 in November 2012.


"Just to let you know that Annabelle got a distinction - 96/100, so v pleased"

(From Annabelle's Mum) November 2012


"Katy passed her grade 5 with a merit (84)!

Thanks for your help"

(From Katy's Mum) November 2012


"Just to let you know that Alex got a distinction with 92%!!!

Many thanks for your excellent tuition and help!!"

(From Alex's Mum) November 2012

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