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19th June 2021
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Sat 8th May 2021

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What Music Theory Grade Are You?

What ABRSM/Trinity Music Theory Grade are You?

This is a quiz designed to work out what grade you are at in music theory, based on the ABRSM's and Trinity's syllabuses.

  • There are 8 grades.
  • Grade 1 is elementary level and starts with basic notation, keys with 1 sharp/flat in the key signature, three different time signatures, and the treble and bass clefs.
  • Each subsequent grade is slightly more complex with added keys, foreign terms, time signatures, musical symbols, chords and intervals.
  • Grade 5 is the required level for anyone who wants to take an ABRSM practical exam at grade 6 or higher (some alternative exams are allowed - see the ABRSM website for details). Grade 5 Trinity is also accepted by the ABRSM as a pre-requisite.
  • Grades 6-8 take an in depth look at harmony, figured bass (ABRSM only) and compositional techniques. A pass or higher at these grades gives you credit in the form of UCAS points. Grade 8 is roughly the same level as an undergraduate first year music degree.

music theory grades quiz abrsmThis quiz can only give a very general indication of your level - we can't test your skills at figured bass or composition in this quiz! (Please seek advice from your teacher or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for advice about taking an music theory exam.)

Instructions: Click on "Submit" to submit your answers, "Pass" to skip a question and "Abandon Quiz" to give up completely. Passed questions will reappear until you press "submit" - you may submit without answering if you have no idea. Leave answers blank instead of guessing, for a more accurate result!

Time limit 25 minutes! (Please do the test in one sitting - if you leave it and come back to it, errors may occur!)


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