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LmusTCL - Licentiate in Music Theory Trinity College London

LmusTCL - Licentiate in Music Theory Trinity College London

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Suggested Reading/Viewing List

Music Study & Research

Herbert, T. Music in Words - A Guide to Researching and Writing about Music

New Grove Dictionary of Music - Online Access (If you are a member of your local library you may already have access to this database - check with your librarian)

Wingell, R.J.: Writing about Music


Music History 

Rosen, C.: The Classical Style - Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven

Rosen, C.: The Romantic Generation - Liszt, Bellini, Schubert, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Meyerbeer, Schumann, Berlioz

Russano Hanning, B.: Norton Concise History of Western Music

Early Musical Instruments: BBC Archive video of 1970s reconstructed Renaissance instruments.


String Quartets

Beethoven, L.: Complete String Quartets

The Cambridge Companion to the String Quartet

Haydn, J.: String Quartets Op. 42, 50 and 54

Mozart, W. A.: Complete String Quartets

Parker, M.: The String Quartet 1750-1797 - Four Types of Musical Conversation

Sutcliffe, W. Dean: Haydn String Quartets, Op.50

Stanford University: Defining the String Quartet Haydn (Free Video Course)

Curtis Institute of Music: The World of the String Quartet (Free Video Course)


Keyboard Music Genre & Beethoven's Diabelli Variations (2017-2018 Syllabus)

Arnold, D. (ed.): The Beethoven Companion

Brendel, A.: Musical Thoughts and Afterthoughts

Kinderman, W. Beethoven's Diabelli Variations (Studies in Musical Genesis, Structure & Interpretation)

Matthews, D.: Keyboard Music

Parakilas, J.: Piano Roles

Tovey, D.J. Beethoven


Musical Analysis and Harmony

Cook, N.: A Guide to Musical Analysis

Piston, W.: Counterpoint

Pratt, G.: The Dynamics of Harmony - Principles and Practice

Schoenberg, A.: Structural Functions of Harmony

Tovey, D.F.: Essays in Musical Analysis (Series)



Rimsky-Korsakov, N.: Principles of Orchestration

[VIDEO] Belkin, A.: What is Good Orchestration?


Piano Variations Composition