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victoria Williams Music Theory

Victoria Williams

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AmusTCL - Associate in Music Theory Trinity College London

AmusTCL* Diploma Resources and Courses

*Associate of Music, Trinity College London

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Candidates sitting the AmusTCL (2019-2020 syllabus) should choose five questions from the exam paper, with at least one question from section A, and one from section B.

Section A

  • Lutheran (Bach) Chorale
  • Classical Orchestration
  • Romantic Piano Composition
  • 20th Century Pop Song Composition (Piano)
  • 20th Century Melodic Composition (Solo instrument)

Section B

  • Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra
  • Beethoven - Piano Trio Op.97
  • Handel - Water Music
  • Monteverdi - Orfeo (Acts 1-3)
  • Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker (Act 2)


AmusTCL Course Material by MyMusicTheory

Learn how to write Bach-style chorales. Includes practice questions.
Classical Orchestration. Includes practice questions.



Suggested Study List

AmusTCL Study Guide (Section A) (Published by Trinity College London)


General Background Reading

Hurd, M.: An Outline History of European Music

A. Butterworth: Harmony in Practice

Taylor, E.: The AB Guide to Music Theory Part 2

Pratt, G.: The Dynamics of Harmony - Principles and Practice


Bach Chorales

J.S. Bach: 371 Harmonised Chorales


Classical Orchestration

Carse, A.: The History of Orchestration

Jacob, G.: Orchestral Technique - A Manual for Students

Palmer, K.: Orchestration (Teach Yourself Books) 

(Video) Techniques of Orchestration Part 1 | How To Orchestrate a Chord by Rick Beato


Composition (Romantic Keyboard, 20th Century Pop Song Composition & Modern Solo Instrumental Composition)

Schoenberg, A.: The Fundamentals of Music Composition (General techniques, not restricted to Schoeberg's own style)


Set Works Study Scores (opens Amazon in a new window)

Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra

Beethoven - Piano Trio Op.97

Handel - Water Music

Monteverdi - Orfeo

Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker