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victoria Williams Music Theory

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AmusTCL - Associate in Music Theory Trinity College London

AmusTCL* Diploma Resources and Courses

*Associate of Music, Trinity College London

The links to books on this page are sponsored by Amazon.


Candidates sitting the AmusTCL (2019-2020 syllabus) should choose five questions from the exam paper, with at least one question from section A, and one from section B.

Section A

  • Lutheran (Bach) Chorale
  • Classical Orchestration
  • Romantic Piano Composition
  • 20th Century Pop Song Composition (Piano)
  • 20th Century Melodic Composition (Solo instrument)

Section B

  • Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra
  • Beethoven - Piano Trio Op.97
  • Handel - Water Music
  • Monteverdi - Orfeo (Acts 1-3)
  • Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker (Act 2)


AmusTCL Course Material by MyMusicTheory

Learn how to write Bach-style chorales. Includes practice questions.
Classical Orchestration. Includes practice questions.
20thC Melodic Composition. Includes practice questions.



Suggested Study List

AmusTCL Study Guide (Section A) (Published by Trinity College London)


General Background Reading

Hurd, M.: An Outline History of European Music

A. Butterworth: Harmony in Practice

Taylor, E.: The AB Guide to Music Theory Part 2

Pratt, G.: The Dynamics of Harmony - Principles and Practice


Bach Chorales

J.S. Bach: 371 Harmonised Chorales


Classical Orchestration

Carse, A.: The History of Orchestration

Jacob, G.: Orchestral Technique - A Manual for Students

Palmer, K.: Orchestration (Teach Yourself Books) 

(Video) Techniques of Orchestration Part 1 | How To Orchestrate a Chord by Rick Beato


Composition (Romantic Keyboard, 20th Century Pop Song Composition & Modern Solo Instrumental Composition)

Schoenberg, A.: The Fundamentals of Music Composition (General techniques, not restricted to Schoeberg's own style)


Set Works Study Scores (opens Amazon in a new window)

Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra

Beethoven - Piano Trio Op.97

Handel - Water Music

Monteverdi - Orfeo

Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker