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Grade 8 ABRSM Music Theory - The Trio Sonata Question

Question 1 in the ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory exam asks you to complete a Baroque Trio Sonata, which is given to you in a partially completed state. Many students beginning to study at this level have no idea what a Trio Sonata actually is - so don't worry if that includes you!

Here's an example of a Trio Sonata by Corelli. It's a piece written for three instruments and follows the traditional rules of harmony and chord progressions.



The bass part of the composition would have been written for a bass instrument such as cello or bassoon, but would also have been doubled up by a "continuo" player - someone filling out the harmony by improvising an accompaniment on an instrument like the harpsichord. The "figured bass" under a bass part stave shows which chords the continuo player would use.

In the grade 8 exam question, you need to use the given figured bass, and take ideas from the part of the sonata which has already been completed, to fill out the whole excerpt. 

You can watch me go through an example question here:



 Use the links below to follow my complete course on how to tackle the Grade 8 Trio Sonata question.

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