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ABRSM Grade 7 Music Theory - Harmony Reconstruction

Question 2 in the ABRSM Grade Seven Music Theory Exam asks you to fill out a given harmonic outline with melodic decoration to create a complete piece.

There are two types of question - a Bach-style Chorale, or a Keyboard piece (could be Baroque or Classical style). You won't know which one you're going to get in the exam, and you are not given a choice, so make sure you practice both types of question before you sit the exam! This is what a Bach-style chorale in 4-part harmony looks like:

harmonies in

Use the links below to access our free online course, which explains everything you need to know about the harmony reconstruction question. We explain the various types of melodic decoration that you are expected to use (passing notes, auxiliary harmony note, suspension and so on), and give you detailed advice about how to tackle the exam question and maximize your marks.

You can also purchase the entire Grade 7 Course in PDF format - see for more details.


 Grade 7 Music Theory Harmony Reconstruction Course Syllabus

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