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Figured Bass: Problem Areas Exercises


Grade 7 Music Theory: Problem Areas Exercises Figured Bass

Hover your mouse to reveal the answers (tap on mobile devices!)


Look at the excerpt below and answer the questions.

a. What key does the piece begin in, and what key does it modulate to? lightbulbette

b. In the excerpt below, circle any notes in the soprano part which you believe are accented passing or auxiliary notes. (Hover your mouse over the stave to reveal the answers).

c. Now look at the notes labelled A-D in the bass line, and say whether each one forms part of the harmony or not.

A: lightbulbette B: lightbulbette C: lightbulbette D: lightbulbette

d. Now add a figured bass line using one chord under each asterisk. Leave 5-3 chords blank, unless they form part of a 6-4 5-3 progression.

problems ex 0 0problems ex 0 1problems ex 0 2problems ex 0 3problems ex 0 4problems ex 0 5problems ex 0 6problems ex 0 7problems ex 0 8problems ex 0 9problems ex 0 10problems ex 0 11problems ex 0 12problems ex 0 13



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