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Figured Bass: Suspensions Exercises

Grade 7 Music Theory - Suspensions Exercises

Hover your mouse over the gaps/staves to reveal the answers (tap on mobile devices).


1. Complete the table, which outlines the three parts of a suspension.

Name Description
Preparation The first sounding of a note which is going to be suspended.
Suspension itself The note which is held from the previous chord.
Resolution Note which follows the suspension itself.


2. Figure these basic suspensions, as marked by the asterisks.

 figure the suspensions 1 0 0figure the suspensions 1 0 1figure the suspensions 1 0 2

3. Figure these slightly more complex suspensions, as marked by the asterisks.

Don’t forget that the suspended note must be prepared in the previous chord – but it could be in any of the parts (not just the visible ones!)

figure the suspensions 2 0 0figure the suspensions 2 0 1figure the suspensions 2 0 2




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