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Figured Bass Lesson 8: A Worked Example

Grade 7 Music Theory Q1 Adding a Figured Bass - Lesson 8, A Worked Example

In this video you can watch a fully worked out example question. 

Everything in the video is explained in detail in the lessons for this section. 


In brief, the method for figuring a bass is this:

1. Work out the key and any further key changes

2. Work out the chords for the obvious bits - look for cadences, V-I progressions, and places where a suspension is intended.

3. Work through the rest of the chords, leaving out any difficult ones. Follow the normal chord progressions.

4. Finally, tackle any tricky chords which were left over, again using the normal chord progressions as your guide.

5. Double check that you have added any necessary accidentals to the figures, including cancelling accidentals used earlier in the bar.


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