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Grade 7 Figured Bass

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B4. Composition Interpolation Exercises

Grade 6 Music Theory - Composition Lesson 4: Interpolation - Exercises


1. Choose the right words to complete this paragraph.

Interpolation means shortening/extending the normal length of a phrase in a composition. Interpolation is often used because it decreases/increases the tension towards the end/middle of a section. 


2. Each of the following extracts has been taken from Mozart’s Piano Sonatas. Each extract is ten bars long.
For each extract: 

  • Draw phrase marks to indicate one antecedent and one consequent phrase
  • If the extract contains an interpolation, mark its beginning and end
  • There may be bars after the consequent phrase which belong to the following section – if so mark them as such.





interpolation in composition



interpolation grade six music theory




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