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Victoria Williams

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Grade 7 Figured Bass

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16th March 2021
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A2. Triads and Chords Exercises

Grade Six mUsic Theory - Triads and Chords Exercises

 Triads and Chords (A2)

Move your mouse slowly over the stave, light-bulb or text to reveal the answers. (Tap on mobile devices)


Identify the following triads as major, minor or diminished:

triads1 0 0triads1 0 1triads1 0 2triads1 0 3triads1 0 4triads1 0 5triads1 0 6

triads2 0 0triads2 0 1triads2 0 2triads2 0 3triads2 0 4triads2 0 5triads2 0 6



Name the following chords using the Roman numeral System (e.g. I, ii, iii etc).

Use capitals for major chords, small letters for minor chords, and a small circle (°) for diminished chords.

Also give the key name of the chord (e.g. C major). The first one has been done as an example:


name-chords 0 0name-chords 0 1name-chords 0 2name-chords 0 3name-chords 0 4

name-chords-2 0 0name-chords-2 0 1name-chords-2 0 2name-chords-2 0 3name-chords-2 0 4


Add two notes to make the named triads, with the root in the bass. Here is an example:

write-triads 0 0

write-triads 0 1write-triads 0 2write-triads 0 3write-triads 0 4 



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