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C6. Naming Chords - Exercises

Grade Six Music Theory C6. Chords - Exercises

Move your mouse slowly over the light bulb or staves (tap on mobile devices) to reveal the answers!

1. Name each of the following chords with Roman numeral notation including the inversion, e.g. Ia (=major chord root position) or ii°b (= diminished chord first inversion), and name the key (major or minor is given). 

naming-chords-1 0 0naming-chords-1 0 1naming-chords-1 0 2naming-chords-1 0 3naming-chords-1 0 4


c6 chords 0 0c6 chords 0 1c6 chords 0 2c6 chords 0 3c6 chords 0 4



2. Work out the key of this Bach Chorale, then describe the lettered chords using the Roman numeral system, including the inversion.

Key: answer

chorale 0 0chorale 0 1chorale 0 2chorale 0 3chorale 0 4chorale 0 5chorale 0 6


3. In this Chorale extract, Bach modulates three times. What key does it start in, when does it modulate and to which other keys?

Starting key: answer

1st modulation: answer

2nd modulation: answer

3rd modulation: answer

Describe the lettered chords and state the prevailing key for each one.

chorale2 0 0chorale2 0 1chorale2 0 2chorale2 0 3chorale2 0 4chorale2 0 5chorale2 0 6chorale2 0 7chorale2 0 8chorale2 0 9


4. Look at the following extract, which is the beginning of Mozart's 40th Symphony, 3rd Movement. Using Roman numerals, name the chords marked in grey including their inversions, and state the prevailing key. (Remember to include all chord notes which are sounding at that point in the music, but ignore any passing notes.)

moz1 0 0moz1 0 1moz1 0 2moz1 0 3moz1 0 4moz1 0 5moz1 0 6



mozartchords 0 0mozartchords 0 1mozartchords 0 2mozartchords 0 3mozartchords 0 4mozartchords 0 5mozartchords 0 6


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