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C2b. Musical Instruments,Transposing, Reed and Strings - Exercises

Grade 6 Music Theory - General Knowledge Lesson 2b: Musical Instruments,Transposing, Reed and Strings -  Exercises

Move your mouse slowly over the light bulbs (tap on mobile devices) to reveal the answers.

A. Answer the following questions:

  1. In which two keys are standard clarinets normally found? answers
  2. In which key do we normally find a small-sized clarinet? answers
  3. Does the bass clarinet normally use the treble clef or the bass clef? answers
  4. In what key is the cor Anglais? answers
  5. Which two brass instruments are normally transposing? answers
  6. At what pitch does a piccolo sound, compared to how it is written? answers
  7. And the double bass? answers
  8. Is the viola a transposing instrument? answers
  9. What is "Tromba in B" in English? answers
  10. What is "Klarinette in Mi Bemolle" in English? answers
  11. What is "Corno in Re" in English? answers


B. Look at the extract below, which is the first page of Beethoven's Symphony no.2, Op.36, and answer the questions which follow.

beethoven-symph-no.2 typeset by V Williams


  1. Which instruments in this piece are NOT transposing instruments? answers

  2. Write out the bar 1 of the clarinet or trumpet part, as it would sound at concert pitch. Include the new key signature. (Print some manuscript paper). 

  3. For each of the string instruments, say whether the notes played in bar 1 can be played on an open string or not.
    1. Violin answers
    2. Viola answers
    3. Cello answers
  4. Which instruments playing in this extract are double reed instruments? answers

  5. True or false: The viola and horns are playing in unison in bar 1. answers

  6. Which two standard orchestral brass instruments do not feature in this extract? answers

C.  For each of the four standard orchestral string instruments, write out their four open strings

string-tunings 0 0string-tunings 0 1string-tunings 0 2string-tunings 0 3


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