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11. Clefs & Transposition Exercises

Grade 4 Music Theory Lesson 11: Clefs & Transposition Exercises


1. Name each of these notes

alto-clef 01alto-clef 02alto-clef 03alto-clef 04alto-clef 05alto-clef 06


2. Write the notes stated as minims (half notes) and use ledger lines if necessary.




3. Rewrite the following notes at the same pitch but using the alto clef:




4. Rewrite this melody so that it sounds the same but using the alto clef. Remember to include the clef and key signature.




5. Identify these triads by a) naming the key and b) describing them as tonic (I), subdominant (IV) or dominant (V).




6. Write the key signatures and triads named below.




7. Write the named triads as shown by the key signatures.


8. Write the clefs and key signatures to make the triads named below.

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