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7. Breves and Double Dots Exercises

Grade 4 Music Theory Lesson 7: Breves (Double Whole Notes) and Double Dots - Exercises

Hover your mouse over the staves or light bulbs (tap on mobile devices) to reveal the answers. 


1. Write the following notes as breves (double whole notes):

enharmonic breves 0 0enharmonic breves 0 1enharmonic breves 0 2enharmonic breves 0 3



2. Name the following rests (e.g. "quaver" (UK) or "eighth" (USA)):

breves 01breves 02breves 03breves 04breves 05


3. What do the two dots on this note mean?



4. Add the following note values together, and write ONE note which is of the same value. The first one has been done for you.




5. Write the note which is DOUBLE the length of each of these notes: 



6. Write the note which is HALF the length of each of these notes:



7. In which of these time signatures might you see a breve (double whole note) written? answer

  1. 4/4
  2. 4/2
  3. 2/4
  4. 12/8


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