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2. Double Sharps and Enharmonics Exercises

Grade 4 Music Theory Lesson 2: Double Sharps/Flats and Enharmonic Equivalents - Exercises

Hover your mouse over the staves to reveal the answers (tap on mobile devices).


1. Name each of these notes:

double-sharps-flats 05


double-sharps-flats 05


2. On the staves below, write the notes stated, as given in the first example. Write the notes as minims (half-notes) and use ledger lines if necessary.

double-accidentals 0 0double-accidentals 0 1double-accidentals 0 2double-accidentals 0 3double-accidentals 0 4


3. Write an enharmonic equivalent next to each of the following notes. (Alternative answers may also be correct in some cases).

enharmonics 0 0enharmonics 0 1enharmonics 0 2enharmonics 0 3enharmonics 0 4

enharmonics-bass 0 0enharmonics-bass 0 1enharmonics-bass 0 2enharmonics bass 0 3enharmonics-bass 0 4



4. For each pair of notes, say whether they are enharmonic equivalents or not.

is-it-enharmonic 0 0is-it-enharmonic 0 1is-it-enharmonic 0 2is-it-enharmonic 0 3


is-it-enharmonic 1 0is-it-enharmonic 1 1is-it-enharmonic 1 2is-it-enharmonic 1 3



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