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2. Notes, Symbols & Terms Exercises

Grade 3 Music Theory: Notes, Symbols and Terms Exercises (ABRSM)

Suitable for:  ABRSM Grade 3   GCSE   AP Music Theory Beginners 

Click here to download a PDF with these exercises and more.

usClick here for Exercise 1 using US terminology e.g. "quarter note" instead of "crotchet"


Hover your mouse to reveal the answers (tap on mobile devices).


Exercise 1 – Demisemiquavers

How many demisemiquavers are worth the same as

  1. two semibrevesanswer
  2. one minim answer
  3. one crotchet answer
  4. three quavers answer


5. Draw a demisemiquaver rest:
demisemiquaver rest


Exercise 2 – Musical Terms

What do these Italian terms mean in English?

Hover your cursor over the blank "English" cells to reveal the translation.


ItalianEnglishItalian English 
ad libitum (ad lib.) at choice (played freely) adagietto rather slow, but faster than adagio
agitato agitated alla breve with a minim (half note) beat (in 2/2)
amore love amoroso loving
anima soul/spirit animando becoming more lively
animato lively/animated ben well
brio vigour con with
con anima with feeling deciso with determination
delicato delicately energico energetically
forza force largamente broadly
leggiero light/nimble marcato, marc. emphatic/accented
marziale in a military style mesto sadly
pesante heavy primo, prima first
risoluto bold/strongly ritmico rhythmically
rubato, tempo rubato with freedom of time scherzando, scherzoso playful/joking
seconda, secondo second seconda volta second time
semplice simple/plainly sempre always
tanto so much tempo comodo at a comfortable speed
tranquillo calmly triste, tristamente sadly/sorrowful

Exercise 3 – Musical Symbols

What do these symbols mean?

b) x

c) x

d) x

e) x= 108


Grade 3 Music Theory ABRSM Terms Quiz 

Try our online quiz to test your knowledge of the grade 3 theory terms! Don't forget that you need to know the terms that are on the syllabus for grades 1 and 2 as well.



Exercise 1 (US Version) – Thirty-second Notes

How many thirty-second notes are worth the same as

  1. two whole notes answer
  2. one half note answer
  3. one quarter note answer
  4. three eighth notesanswer

5. Draw a thirty-second rest:
32nd rest

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