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14. Composing a Melody for Voice Exercises

Grade Five Music Theory Lesson 14: Composing for Voice Exercises [Archive lesson]

  Please note: the ABRSM Grade 5 syllabus no longer includes any questions on composition 


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Exercise 1: Dividing Text into Eight Bars

Divide each of the following texts into 8 bars. Draw barlines in the appropriate places.


  1. Sweet, be not proud of those two eyes
    Which, star-like, sparkle in their skies.
    Answer 1
  2. Of all the birds that ever I see,
    The owl is fairest in her degree.
    Answer 2
  3. In winter, when the fields are white,
    I sing this song for your delight.
    Answer 3
  4. No stir in the air, no stir in the sea,
    The ship was as still as she could be.
    Answer 4

Exercise 2

Write a complete melody for each of the above texts. Don't forget to include performance directions.

Click here to print some blank manuscript paper.

(Answers will vary).


Did you know, you can create a free account on the site, to receive a worksheet containing 20 instrumental and 20 voice composition questions, including blank manuscript for your answers!


You can send any of your voice compositions (from this site, real past exam papers or from any other sources) to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will grade them and send you some detailed feedback and suggestions. Marking is charged by the minute, with a minimum of 30 minutes to be paid by Paypal, in advance. Find out more about our marking services here.



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