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13. Ornaments and Foreign Terms Exercises

Grade 4 Music Theory Lesson 13: Ornaments and Foreign Terms Exercises

Move your mouse slowly over the staves or empty table cells (tap on mobile devices) to reveal the answers.


1. Ornaments

Name the following ornaments:










lower mordent 


upper mordent



2. Foreign Terms 

Watch out - we've thrown in a few of the terms from the grade three list too!  


Point your mouse at an empty cell to reveal the English answer.


Foreign Term English Foreign Term English Foreign Term English
quasi as, resembling appassionato passionately nobilmente nobly
non not l'istesso tempo at the same speed a to, at
morendo dying away modere at a moderate speed stringendo getting faster
assez enough voce voice presser hurry
cantando singing plus more moins less
tanto so much calando dying away come sopra as above
possibile possible sotto below perdendosi dying away
affettuoso tenderly come prima as before et and
subito suddenly anime animated, lively tres very
sopra above niente nothing fuoco fire
come as, similar to  en pressant hurrying on lent slow
legerement lightly un, une one, a vif lively 
peu little affrettando hurrying avec with
retenu held back tempo giusto in strict time douce sweet
sonoro resonant vite quick brio vigour
en dehors prominent giusto proper, exact sotto voce in an undertone
amabile pleasant cedez yield, relax the speed pesante heavy
ralentir slow down mais but facile easy
veloce swift l'istesso the same sans without



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