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15. Practice Exam

Grade Three Music Theory - Practice Exam (Updated July 2020)

ABRSM Syllabus (2020+)


Answer all questions. Write your answers neatly and clearly, otherwise you may lose marks. You have 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Hover your mouse over the staves or lightbulbs to reveal the answers. (Tap on mobile devices).

Scoring: 50/75=Pass,  60/75=Merit and 65/75=Distinction


1. Add the time signature to each of these five melodies. (8 points)







2. Add the correct rest(s) in the places marked with a star. (5 points)

rests q


3. Write as semibreves (whole-notes) the scales named below. (10 points)

a) E major, descending, with key signature


b) F# melodic minor, ascending, without key signature but including any necessary sharp or flat signs.



4. Rewrite this melody using notes and rests of half the value. Remember to put in the new time signature. (8 points)




5(a) The following passage contains five deliberate mistakes. Rewrite it correctly. (8 points)

mistakes question


5(b) Name the degree of the scale (e.g. 4th, 5th) of the highest note. The key is F minor.



6. Describe each of these melodic intervals, giving the type and number (e.g. minor 3rd, perfect 5th). The keys are named, and in each case the lower note is the key note (tonic). (8 points)

  1. A major
    Type:                        Number:

  2. Ab major
    ab major
    Type:                        Number:

  3. G minor
    g minor
    Type:                        Number:

  4. C# minor
    Type:                        Number:


7. Write the key signature and tonic triad of each of these keys. (8 points)

tonic-triad 0 0tonic-triad 0 1tonic-triad 0 2tonic-triad 0 3



8. This melody is by Chopin.  Look at it and answer the questions below.



A. (5 points)

(i) Give the meaning of each of these.

  1. Lento assai answer

  2. o answer
  3.  oanswer 
  4. o answer

(ii) Describe the time signature as simple/compound answer
and duple/triple/quadruple answer 



B. (5 points)
(i) How many times does the rhythm o occur? answer

(ii) Name a minor key in which all the notes of bar 8 can be found. answer

(iii) Name one similarity and one difference between bars 1 and 3.

Similarity answer

Difference answer


(iv) Answer TRUE or UNTRUE to the following sentence:
Every bar contains at least one note belonging to the tonic triad of B minor. answer


C.  Write out the melody from bar 5 to the end of the music an octave higher, using the treble clef as shown. (10 points)



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