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Victoria Williams

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13. Questions about a Score Exercises

Grade 3 Music Theory - Lesson 13, Questions about a Score Exercises

Hover your mouse over the staves or lightbulbs (tap on mobile devices) to reveal the answers.


This melody is by V. Williams. Look at it and then answer the questions below.


Give the meaning (in English) of each of these:

a) ff answer

b) fz answer

c) ganswer

d) Andante answer

e) g answer

f) g answer

g) mp answer

h) Describe the time signature as:

  • simple or compound answer                                                                  
  • duple, triple or quadruple answer

i) Describe the melodic interval (e.g. major 3rd) between the notes marked with bracket A in bar 4. answer

j) The key is F# minor. On which degree of the scale does the melody begin? answer

k) How many demisemiquavers (32nd notes) is the first note of the melody worth? answer

l) Name a difference between bars 1 and 5. answer

m) How many bars contain all three notes of the tonic triad? answer

n) Name another key with the same key signature as F# minor. answer



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