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3. Scales Exercises (ABRSM)

Grade 3 Music Theory: 3. Scales Exercises

Exercise 1 - Writing Scales

Write as semibreves (whole notes) the scales named below, without a key signature but including any necessary sharp or flat signs.

  1. E major ascending
  2. A major descending
  3. F minor harmonic ascending
  4. B minor melodic ascending
  5. C# minor melodic descending
  6. C minor harmonic descending

Exercise 2 - Add Clef and Accidentals

Add the correct clef and any necessary sharp or flat signs to make each of the scales named below. Don’t use key signatures.

  1. E minor harmonic
  2. Ab major
  3. A minor melodic
  4. Bb major
  5. F# minor harmonic
  6. C minor melodic

Exercise 3 - Name the Key

Name the key of each of the following scales. If the key is minor, state whether the scale is in the harmonic or melodic form.

a) x

b) x

c) x


d) x


e) x


f) x



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