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2. Notes, Symbols & Terms Exercises

Grade 3 Music Theory: Notes, Symbols and Terms Exercises (ABRSM)

Suitable for:  ABRSM Grade 3   GCSE   AP Music Theory Beginners 

Click here to download a PDF with these exercises and more.

usClick here for Exercise 1 using US terminology e.g. "quarter note" instead of "crotchet"


Hover your mouse to reveal the answers (tap on mobile devices).


Exercise 1 – Demisemiquavers

How many demisemiquavers are worth the same as

  1. two semibrevesanswer
  2. one minim answer
  3. one crotchet answer
  4. three quavers answer


5. Draw a demisemiquaver rest:
demisemiquaver rest


Exercise 2 – Musical Terms

What do these Italian terms mean in English?

Hover your cursor over the blank "English" cells to reveal the translation.


ItalianEnglishItalian English 
agitato agitated con with
animato lively/animated ben well
forza force energico energetically
leggiero light/nimble marcato, marc. emphatic/accented
pesante heavy primo, prima first
risoluto bold/strongly scherzando playful/joking
semplice simple/plainly sempre always
tranquillo calmly triste, tristamente sadly/sorrowful

Exercise 3 – Musical Symbols

What do these symbols mean?

b) x

c) x

d) x

e) x= 108


Grade 3 Music Theory ABRSM Terms Quiz 

Try our online quiz to test your knowledge of the grade 3 theory terms! Don't forget that you need to know the terms that are on the syllabus for grades 1 and 2 as well.



Exercise 1 (US Version) – Thirty-second Notes

How many thirty-second notes are worth the same as

  1. two whole notes answer
  2. one half note answer
  3. one quarter note answer
  4. three eighth notesanswer

5. Draw a thirty-second rest:
32nd rest

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