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Grade 2 Revision Tests


Grade 2 Music Theory Revision

Grade Two Music Theory Revision

Is your grade 2 theory exam approaching? You have probably been working very hard towards the big day, but to be extra-prepared it's always a good idea to do plenty of revision in the days before the exam.

Let's have a quick look at what you need to know for grade 2.

tickGrade 2 covers 10 key signatures; C, G, D, F, A, Bb and Eb major keys and A, E and D minor keys.

tickFor each of these keys you need to be able to write out and recognise the scale, key signature and tonic triad. (The tonic triad is the 3-note chord built up from the first note of the scale, so for example the tonic triad of F major is the chord F-A-C.)

tickYou need to be able to understand the time signatures of 2/2, 2/4, 3/2, 3/4, 4/2 and 4/4. You should be able to work out what time signature a melody is in, as well as being able to put back in missing barlines when the time signature is given. Make sure you revise the time signatures thoroughly, as there will probably be a few questions in the exam which require their knowledge!

infoYou don't need to know about 6/8 for grade 2 music theory, or any of the other compound time signatures. 

tickFor grade 2, you need to know quite a few Italian musical terms (but not any other language). Don't forget to revise the terms from the grade 1 syllabus as well - you might get tested on grade 1 or grade 2 words!

My Music Theory knows how important revision is, so we have put together a special pack of Grade 2 Revision Tests for you.

There are ten tests in the pack. 

  • Each test is based on a short melody which is about 10 bars long
  • Each test is in a different key, covering the ten keys for this grade
  • The questions cover all aspects of the syllabus: scales, key and time signatures, tonic triads, intervals, degrees of the scale, foreign terms, triplets, letter names and time values of notes, bar lines, rewriting in different note values, transposing into a different clef (treble and bass), relative major/minor keys and counting instances of rhythmic motifs. 
  • Composition-type questions are not included, since these are subjective and answers can vary.
  • Each test is scored out of 20, with the number of points per question clearly marked.
  • Each test takes up one A4 page, with the answers printed on the following page.
  • Ideal revision for self-study students, or as homework tasks for music teachers to give out as exam preparation.
  • The tests are "bilingual" using both the UK and US variants of terms - suitable for everybody!




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