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Grade 2 Revision Tests


16. Composing a Rhythm Exercises

Grade 2 Music Theory - Lesson 16: Composing a Rhythm Exercises

Suitable for:  Trinity Grade 2   GCSE   AP Music Theory Beginners 

Trinity Style Questions

a. Write a tune to the given rhythm using the notes of the tonic triad. Use a key signature and finish on the tonic.

E minor

trinity 3 2

trinity 3 2 stave


b. Write a tune to the given rhythm using the first five notes of the scale. Use a key signature and finish on the tonic.

F major

trinity 2 4

trinity 2 4 stave


ABRSM Style Questions (Note: this question will be removed from the exam from January 1st 2018)

Four-bar rhythms

Write a four-bar rhythm for each of the given openings.

Note: answers will vary.

Hover your cursor over the stave to reveal the answer. The answers given on this page are suggested answers only, many different answers are possible.

Check you have put the right number of beats in each bar, that you have a "question" phrase followed by an "answer" phrase, and that you have re-cycled some of the rhythms from the first bar.











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