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13. Tonic Triads Exercises

Grade 2 Music Theory - Lesson 13: Tonic Triads Exercises

Suitable for:  ABRSM Grade 2   Trinity Grade 2   GCSE   AP Music Theory Beginners 

Hover your mouse over the staves to reveal the answers. (Tap on mobile devices).

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Adding Clefs & Accidentals

A. Add the correct clef and any necessary sharp or flat signs to each of these tonic triads. Do not use a key signature.

clefs-on-triads 0 0clefs-on-triads 0 1clefs-on-triads 0 2clefs-on-triads 0 3clefs-on-triads 0 4 

clefs-on-triads-2 0 0clefs-on-triads-2 0 1clefs-on-triads-2 0 2clefs-on-triads-2 0 3clefs-on-triads-2 0 4  


Naming Keys

B. Name the keys of these tonic triads

tonic-triads 0 0tonic-triads 0 1tonic-triads 0 2tonic-triads 0 3tonic-triads 0 4tonic-triads 0 5 


Finding Tonic Triads

C. Draw a circle round 3 notes next to each other that form the tonic triad. (The key is given.)

1. B flat major

Find the notes of the tonic triad - B flat major

2. D major

Find the notes of the tonic triad -D major


D. In which bar can all three notes of the tonic triad be found? (The key is given.)

1. E flat major

Find the notes of the tonic triad - E flat major

2. A major

Find the notes of the tonic triad - A major

Broken Chords (Trinity Only)

Write broken chords using the tonic triad. Use the key signature.

a. D minor in patterns of 3 notes, going up, finishing on A above the stave. Use quavers (8th notes)
b. E minor in patterns of 4 notes, going down, finishing on E below the stave. Use semiquavers (16th notes).

broken chord abroken chord b


Arpeggios (Trinity Only)

Write one octave arpeggios using crotchets (quarter notes). Use the key signature.

a. E minor, going up then down.             b. A minor, going down then up.         c. D minor, going up then down.

arpeggio q 0 0arpeggio q 0 1arpeggio q 0 2



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