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9. Simple Time Signatures Exercises

Grade Two Music Theory Lesson 9: Simple Time Signatures Exercises

Suitable for:  ABRSM Grade 2   Trinity Grade 2   GCSE   AP Music Theory Beginners 

Move your mouse slowly over the light bulbs (tap on mobile devices) to reveal the answers.

Click here to download a PDF with these exercises.


True or False?

1. The time signature 2/4means that there are 2 minim (half note) beats in a bar. Answer

2. The time signature 4/4means that there are 4 crotchet (quarter note) beats in a bar. Answer

3. The time signature 3/8means that there are 3 semiquaver (16th note) beats in a bar.Answer

4. (ABRSM only) The time signature 4/2means that there are 2 crotchet (quarter note) beats in a bar. Answer


Complete the sentences

5. The time signature 3-2means that there are three ........ beats in a bar. Answer

6. The time signature 3-4means that there are three ........ beats in a bar. Answer

7. The time signature 2-2means that there are two ........ beats in a bar. Answer

8. The time signature 3-8 means that there are three ....... beats in a bar. Answer



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