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16th March 2021
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Top 5 Mistakes in Grade 1 Theory Exam Papers

Top 5 Mistakes in Grade 1 Theory Exam Papers

Don't let it happen to you!


Based on my own students' work and practice tests, there are a bunch of mistakes that students make time and time again. Try these questions and see whether you fall into these common traps!

1. What is the letter name of the note in the box?

2. What is the letter name of this note?

key sig grade 1


3. What's wrong with this scale?  Q. Write one octave of the scale of F major descending, using a key signature, and writing in semibreves (whole notes).

scale grade1


4. Have a go at answering this yourself. Q. Beam the notes together correctly in this melody.

beaming g1 q


5. Can you name the two curved lines marked a and b?

slur or tie