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20. Practice Exam

Lesson 20: Practice Exam - Grade One Music Theory

Suitable for:  ABRSM Grade 1   Trinity Grade 1   GCSE   AP Music Theory Beginners 

Test your skills and knowledge of Grade One Music Theory with our free online quiz.

Unlike in the real exam, there is nothing to write down on paper in this test, so please make sure you do some real past papers as practice before you take your exam! Being able to write music notation clearly and accurately is an important part of the exam.

This test has a time limit of one hour. The questions are based on the ABRSM syllbus and cover:

  • names of notes and rests
  • time signatures 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4
  • keys, scales and tonic triads in C major, G major, F major and D major
  • intervals by number only e.g. 6th
  • degrees of the scale
  • Italian musical terms and frequently used symbols
  • treble and bass clefs

The test will also be useful for candidates taking the Trinity Grade 1 Music Theory exam.

The pass mark is 66%. A score of 80%+ will earn you a "merit" and 90%+ a "distinction".


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