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18. Foreign Terms Exercises

Grade One Music Theory Lesson 18: Foreign Terms Exercises

Suitable for:  ABRSM Grade 1   Trinity Grade 1   GCSE   AP Music Theory Beginners 


Foreign Musical Terms

What do these Italian music theory terms mean in English?

Point your mouse over the blanks in the table (tap on mobile devices) to reveal the English.


ItalianEnglishItalian English 
A tempo At the original speed Cantabile In a singing style
Lento Slowly Dal segno From the sign
Allegro Moderato Moderately quick Mezzo forte Moderately loud
Poco Little Rallentando Gradually slowing down
Forte Loudly Staccato Short and detached
Allegretto Fairly quick Decrescendo Gradually getting softer/quieter
Diminuendo Gradually getting softer/quieter Andante At a walking pace
Fortissimo Very loudly Ritenuto Held back
Mezzo piano Moderately quiet Piano Softly/quietly
Fine End Legato Smoothly
Ritardando Gradually getting slower Da capo From the beginning
Accelerando Gradually getting faster Crescendo Gradually getting louder
Mezzo Half (or moderately) Moderato Moderately
Adagio Slowly Pianissimo Very softly/quietly


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