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Grade Five Music Theory - Lesson 1: Good Notation Exercises


Move your mouse slowly over the symbol or light bulb to reveal the answers (tap on mobile devices).


Test Yourself on Grade Five Music Theory Notation Symbols!

In the ABRSM grade 5 theory exam, you will only get full points for describing a musical symbol if you give an explanation in English. This means it's not ok to only write an answer such as "staccato" - you have to explain what that actually means. (This rule does not include ornaments).


 Music Symbols Test 1

Write the name or meaning of each of the following symbols/terms. (Point your mouse at the image to reveal the answer.)


1 Up bow (for a string player)   2 Repeat bars
3 Upper mordent   4 Tenuto - hold the note for its full length
5 Release the damper pedal   6


7 60 crotchets per minute   8 Accent
9 Quaver or Eighth note   10 Lower mordent

Con sord.



13 Press the damper pedal   14 Segno or Sign
15 Crescendo   16


17 Appoggiatura   18 Hemidemisemiquaver or 64th note
19 Coda sign   20 Double barline - end of the piece
21 Turn   22 Accacciatura


  24 Staccatissimo
25 Down bow   26 Press, hold, then release the sostenuto pedal


 Musical Symbols Test 2

Draw/write each of the following indications. (Point your mouse at the light bulb to reveal the answers.)

1 Staccato ? 2 Breve/double whole rest ?
3 Trill ? 4 Release the damper pedal ?
5 Minim rest (half rest) ? 6 Pause/fermata ?
7 Demisemiquaver/Thirty-second note ? 8 Play until the end ?
9 Stop using the mute ? 10 Play until the coda sign ?
11 Go back to the beginning ? 12 Very quiet ?
13 Gradually get quieter ? 14 One note very loud ?
15 Press the right piano pedal ? 16 Moderately loud ?
17 Go back to the sign ? 18 Play with the mute ?
19 Staccatissimo ? 20 Coda sign ?
21 Crotchet/quarter rest ? 22 Semibreve rest (whole rest) ?
23 Accent ? 24 Breve (double whole note) ?
25 Double bar (end of section) ? 26 Hemidemisemiquaver (sixty-fourth note) ?



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