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victoria Williams Music Theory

Victoria Williams

LmusTCL BA Mus (Hons) MISM

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Hi, I'm Victoria Williams and I'm passionate about music theory. I've been teaching music theory online through several channels, including this website, Youtube and also by email for several years, (and I'm still completely obsessed with it), and I'd love to share my enthusiasm with you! My aim is to explain things in simple, clear steps so that you learn quickly and gain confidence.

I have a BA degree in music from the University of Leeds, UK, (1995) where I specialised in musicology. I'm 100% passionate about music theory, and more importantly teaching music theory.

My courses use both UK and USA terminology for musical concepts (e.g. "crotchet" AND "quarter note"!)

I love to get to know my students and am happy to answer questions by email, Facebook, LinkedIn or PM. I'm all about quality, detail, enthusiasm and value. Whatever your personal goal in learning music theory, I'm here to help!

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