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Your Feedback

I get a lot of lovely emails from visitors to - it's always great to hear that the site has been useful in preparation for your music theory exam, or to hear about your fantastic results! If you'd like to send me some feedback, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are some of the wonderful comments I've received: 

I am just writing to say a big thank you for the resources for Grade 5 theory you’ve put on your website. I am taking the exam next Saturday and needed some help with orchestral instruments, although I do have some knowledge. I really detested doing theory, which held me back from completing final practical grades 6-8 because I didn’t complete grade 5 theory. My current teacher eventually pushed me to do the theory it all makes sense and I can’t believe I am saying this, but really enjoy doing the papers! Thankfully your website is really helpful in relation to preparing for the exam, the basic orchestral instruments and transposing etc is perfect and nicely put together. Louis, 14th June 2015

˚♡⌣̊┈̥-̶̶̯̥͡ok⌣̊┈̥-̶̶̯̥͡!·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣k✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶ ϔӫц  Anon, 9th June 2015

Thank you so much for this wonderful and most helpful website as it has definitely assisted her in her preparations for the exam. The guidelines are very clear and precise. Tianie, 21st May 2015

I would just like to thank you for making your website. I used it a few months back as I had an audition for the university of my dreams for their BEd course and part of the audition was a grade 5 theory exam and at the time I was only at grade 3. Through using your website I managed to learn the course in under a week and passed the test and luckily got into the university. I'm not sure if you'll even read this email but I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you helped me immensely as I'm sure you have many others. Thank you so much for starting the website and breaking the course down to make it understandable for everyone. Without you I would not have been anywhere near passing the test. Sarah, 26th April 2015

We’ve been using MMT since I stumbled upon it when my son was doing Grade 1. He’s now preparing to take Grade 4 and we’re back for more! Must say I’m really impressed with the general tonality and approach to theory on the site it really is very good and much better than most of the printed material I’ve paid for! Music theory can seem very dry and ABRSM’s own theory teaching approach is very prescriptive in comparison to yours. As these exams are predominantly geared for children I think your approach is more fun and easily digested. Last night my son and I watched the ‘writing a rhythm’ video - I feel my son is now really understanding what this is all about. John, 22nd April 2015

Just to say thank you - your composition guide and feedback was the most helpful - I would not have managed this part of the exam without your help that well. I got 13 for the composition task - and I know I got this 13 because of your advice and feedback, I would have been terrible on this task otherwise. Emese, 9th April 2015

I am 70 years old and for the first time in my life I am doing an intensive U3A Music Theory course up to Grade 5. I am also learning to play the violin so the theory helps a lot. I should just like to say how useful I am finding your youtube lessons and information on your website. You explain so very clearly. Many new ideas with which I have been struggling are now becoming clear, thanks to you. With much gratitude and appreciation. Maggie, 30th March 2015

I must say it is really a superb site to prepare for exam. It's very much constructive, mathematically calculative course design.I have also got some new information in new way.All the topics and step by step arrangement of the topics is very much effective and calculative. I can guess that you are very very good teacher. Sonjoy, 19th March 2015

Hi, I'm a grade three student in Zimbabwe and il be writing an exam next week Wednesday, I wish I'd found out about this site sooner. I've learnt so much just this morning and I also enjoyed the learning experience so I'd like to thank you for this!!! Excellent job Victoria Williams. Benjamin, 10th March 2015

We didn't need any additional teaching we just went through your course, asked you our queries and did past papers. I think you offer a brilliant service, your composition markings were very helpful, and your course is much more useful than the ABRSM workbook, which doesn't even provide answers. Madeleine, 4th March 2015

I can’t stress how fantastic your website and course is, brilliantly and clearly explaining all the concepts; I can’t recommend it highly enough. Simon, 4th March 2015

I am preparing for the Grade 8 Theory - whilst I am doing the Grade 6 and 7 all by myself. Without your guidance I would not have become successful in Grade 5 Theory where I got a Distinction (95%) in 2013. Thanks Mdm for all your co-operation. Rupam, 26th February 2015

Thank you very much for your time and for your help. The best £60 I’ve spent for some time. Peter, 10th February 2015

Awesome site. Plain simple and to the point. I got 87 in grade 4 and 85 recently in Grade 5!!! All thanks to you.I hope you give one course on grade 8 too!!! Feroz, 11th December 2014

Hi Victoria, thanks once again for your individual & detailed answers to my e-mail. I can't help but feel that the value for money and the attention to my individual progress on this course is outstanding! Mark, 13th July 2014

You have created a wonderful site. Actually last year I prepared for ABRSM Grade 6 exam mainly using your site, and thanks to you I passed the exam. Miyuki, 14th June 2014

Great Site and Great work. You bring millions of smile to small group of dedicated musicians here in India. No words  to say just wanted to say "The world is such nice place because of such wonderful people like you." Thank you for such a great source of information on music. Tushar, 16th May 2014

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site. Everything about it really. I am a 50-something who just sat G5 sax and is now taking G5 theory before trying for G6 sax. Your site makes what was a rather daunting prospect actually enjoyable! Thank you. Edward, 25th April 2014

Firstly, really loving the look of your new website. It is really easy to use and I really like the video tutorials you've started to make. Emilie, 23rd April 2014

Just want to say thank-you! Shanae has taken her AMEB Grade 4 Exam and she scored 10 out of 12 for the harmonization section! Overall she scored 92 out of 100 and she is really thrilled! Leei, 19th April 2014

Thank you so much. I wish I had found you earlier because then maybe I would have been able to get a distinction! I am definitely going for one on Grade 7! Erin, 4th April 2014

Just emailing you to say that i passed my grade 5 theory with 86 marks (merit)! Thank you so much - i couldn't possibly have done it without you!!! Angus, 2nd April 2014

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for all your help with the girl's compositions. Both of them got a distinction - Amelia got 90, Olivia 93. Thank you so much for all your help and advice. It has been invaluable. Angela, 2nd April 2014

Firstly I'd like to thank you for putting a lot of time into producing the theory materials. I have subscribed to your site, purchased and downloaded the courses and worksheets. I think that they will be very useful for my students as I think they are more accessible than the ABRSM books. Also, some of my students complete the questions in the ABRSM workbooks and then may feel that they have not yet grasped the concept and need more exercises. I like your worked examples too, these seem easier to understand than the ABRSM books. Will, 7th March 2014

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help you have given me over the past few weeks, you have been a huge help. All your helpful tips made the exam a whole lot easier. Matthew, 5th March 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for your website, it helped me to pass my G6 theory exam. I don't think I would have been able to pass if I just relied on the ABRSM book on G6 Theory, as it really wasn't helpful. So congrats on a great job - I'm not sure if i would be able to get through G7 and G8 theory, but glad to see you are developing this in case I did think it was worth a shot for me! Fantastic website, thanks so much!!! Robin, 11th December 2013

Just a note to say thank you for all your help with the composition question.  I got 12 marks for it which would have been unthinkable without your assistance.  I'm highly delighted with my result as I only dropped another 2 marks so got 95% and am now looking to book my grade 6 practical. Barbara, 9th December 2013

I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful learning resource for the ABRSM theory exams.   I found the lessons very helpful - the AB material does not teach you how to approach questions - and the real-time quizzes and sample exam questions are fun and really useful for revision too.  I'm delighted to have passed my recent Grade 5 Theory exam with Distinction (93%).  This is due in no small part to all your hard work in creating the mymusictheory website.  As a result I was able to maximise valuable time with my teacher on performance whilst also saving money.  I'm looking forward to studying for Grade 6 theory now! With many thanks and best wishes, Rachel, 5th December 2013

Just thought I'd e-mail you to let you know I've just found out the results for my Grade 6 Theory ... I got a Distinction! (92%). Thank you so much for all the useful help and advice you've given in the run up to the exam; I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to get the result I did without it. When I started studying Grade 6 Theory, I was very dissapointed with the quality of some of ABRSM's textbooks, but found your easy to understand course incredibly helpful; it allowed me to understand other textbooks and exercises much better. Harry, 4th December 2013

Thank you for the marking and altogether excellent resources. I am working my way through the Grade 6 stuff now which I now understand since completing your Grade 5 course. Sarah 26th November 2013

What a fantastic site, I have just come across it and the way you explain and illustrate things is wonderfully clear. I am starting to teach myself ready for entering the ‘new’ grade 7 and it looks much more complicated than when I first took it in 1984. (I got 94/99) Mark, 17th October 2013

I was looking for a site that offered a structured and trustworthy way of learning music theory (that is, based on board examination system). I was ecstatic to find your site, with its beautifully laid out material, with practice exercises, from grade 1 onwards! I have so far been through grades one and two (with a mark of 80/90 on the grade one exam!). I hope you keep up the amazing work on the site and I look forward to getting all the way to grade 8 one day! I am so grateful for the free access as it allows me to make some serious strides with my latest effort to get back into music. Many thanks for your creation! Hermant, 30th August 2013

I wanted to say thank you for putting together this amazing website. I took up the piano again after over 30 years and needed to study for my Grade 5 theory exam effectively and efficiently, as I work full time and am a mother of three young children. I found the official reading material opaque and confusing but fortunately discovered your website. I sat my exam after two months of studying using just the lessons on your website and past papers and passed the exam with 95%. Many, many thanks - I am very grateful. Jenny, 12th July 2013

Good news all round - Yusef got 91% - that means you pushed him from a pass to a distinction. Your composition tutoring really gave him that boost he needed. He said that he had found the composition on the paper "easy"! That was all down to your tips. Kareena, 12th July 2013

Just to let you know that Milly got 89 in her Grade 5 theory exam – such an improvement on her initial score in the mock test all those weeks ago. Thank you for your wonderful course. I KNOW she wouldn’t have achieved such a great score without your fabulous system! Rebecca, 11th July 2013

Hello Music Theory, thanks very much for your books and exercises. I bought the complete grade 5 and 6 packages and they are so much better than the other books I've read. Lam, 24th May 2013

Hi, I'm a teacher at Canterbury College and I would like to say a massive thank you, since we used your site this year for our BTEC level 3 students of music performance. Our theory grade has increased by 68% over the whole board on the college campus. Thanks for all the work and help! Aaron, 30th April 2013

I am going to refer all my students to work online using your website so hopefully they will learn fast! Nadine, 27th January 2013

This site is incredible, don't think there are many people here in the states who know what a crotchet or a quaver are! Mo, 23rd January 2013

Thank you so much for your wonderful course! My daughter needed Grade 5 Theory to get into her favourite uni but didn't even have grade 1. I bought a year's membership and she worked her way up through all the available material from the start. She aced it with 99% and has received unconditionals to her top uni choices! J, 17th January 2013

Just a little message to say thank you for all your help this year which I continue to be deeply grateful for! Jo, 31st December 2012

After failing his Grade 5 theory twice, I got my son to work from your courses. He passed with 88/100!. To encourage him, I said I will do the exam too (I am 45!); I progressed through your lessons and bought some units / excercises. After only 9 weeks, I sat the exam with my son. I scored 92/100 and got a distinction. I am absolutely thrilled to bits. Thank you so very much. Paul 12th December 2012

Tonight, I found out the exam result for my theory test: a merit of 87 points!  Since I had no particular teacher for learning this, I depended on your website and your help.  I am very surprised that I actually even passed, since I had to learn by myself with only you giving suggestions!  VERY grateful for your help and your website, it was such a pleasure! Jamie, 8th December 2012

I find your materials very detailed and helpful. Thank you for spending time to share these information that can help many. Chee Sook Wan, 24th October 2012 

I wanted to let you that I passed my Grade 5 Music Theory last year with thanks to your course. I had purchased every book that I could find on the subject, worked through the ABRSM books up to Grade 3 before I found your site. The reassuring words that one could reach the Grade 5 level from scratch came as a revelation, and you are not wrong. Frankly, having suffered from “paralysis by analysis” using my other approach, your course was a godsend. I would not have passed without your help! Robert, 24th September 2012

Thank you for the wonderful website to help us study for music theory.  We used your site and passed grade 2 with distinction.  It is really the best website and we recommended it to our friends as well. Vivian, 22nd September 2012 

Your site is excellent -really clear explanations. I'm a freelance music teacher, running a theory workshop next week and I'll be recommending you! Kind regards, Janice 27th August 2012 

I am absolutely rubbish at music theory, I lately did my grade 5. My teacher is awful and I really had no hope, failing every practice exam I did! Until I found this website, it taught me everything I needed to know and more, it was absolutely fantastic with very good descriptions and exercises to try out! From a 30/100 failed student, I achieved 83/100 thanks to this website, thank you for all the wonderful support :) Eleanor, 20th August 2012

Hey thanks a lot for posting lessons online. Omg ! I forgot that I've registered for the exam and its on this Saturday! I was panic and googled every website and found out this one. I thought that I could never find any useful info but to my shock, thus website offers the best information ever! I don't know bout others but I'm ready for my exam in two days. Omg! Thanks so much. Hannah, 8th August 2012 

Antoinette achieved 85% in her ABRSM grade 5 theory exam. Thank you very much for your help with the composition section, it certainly contributed to this excellent mark. Christa, 6th August 2012

Thank you very much, I think I am ready to do the exam! A big thanks goes to your wonderful website, I understand it so much better!  Thanks a lot again! Julia, 24th July 2012

I have got my result of theory exam and got a DISTINCTION with ...... 97/100 ! Thanks a lot for your site, it was very helpful for me. All the students have to know how excellent is your site !! Isabelle, 23rd July 2012

I'm pleased to say that my daughter, ten at the time, managed to pass the grade 5 music theory studying by herself using only your material and feedback, some ABRSM test papers and a lot of (non-musical) parental support. She found grades one to four very clear and easy to follow, even studying by herself, especially the huge amount of testing with each new topic, and also thought your marking and comments were really good.

Thanks for your help and best wishes. Mark, 23rd July 2012

I have got my result of theory exam and got a DISTINCTION with ...... 97/100! Thanks a lot for your site, it was very helpful for me.Isabelle Chedin from Hong Kong on 21st of July 2012

I wanted to let you know I found out today that I passed the level 5 ABRSM exam "with distinction" (got a 95)!  I couldn't possibly have done it without the My Music Theory website and your personal tutoring in the Master Composition course.  I've already purchased the level 6 lessons and exercises and look forward to starting on those soon.  Thank you again for all your help! (And please consider adding Levels 7 & 8 - I hope to go all the way through!) Charlotte, 21st July 2012 

Thanks for the amazing website - for Grade 6 you've really filled a niche in the market - your material is by far and away the best out there. Jon, 13th July 2012

Your course is excellent...much easier to follow than the big Ottman or Laitz texts. Lighter to carry and easier on the purse. Dr Murphy, 5th May 2012

Hi, Thanks for your help on Grade 5's composition.  We just received the abrsm result for grade 5 theory and my daughter scored 78/100 for March's theory exam! Though not a merit/distinction, I am still proud of her at 5 years old. Sze Ning, 30th April, 2012

Just got the result. I got 96 in Grade 5 music theory exam. A big big thank goes to your site. Keep up the good work! Arun, 17th March 2012

Thanks your site is just what my daughter needs-we are a home educating family. The explanations are very  clear and easy for me to follow as a non musician.I have tried to read several simple theory books which seem to only make sense once you understand it if that doesn’t sound like rubbish. At the same time we have looked at other books but there are no answers for us to check we are getting it right. Maisy,13th March 2012 

Just a line to say how invaluable the composition masterclass has been. I took my grade 5 theory today and I think I have done ok but the format for the composition was great as I really didn't have a clue about this-so thank you again. Mandy; 1st March 2012 

Thank you for your wonderfully clear and easy to understand website.  Jane 27th February 2012

Hi, i just wanted to say that i think my music theory is amazing!! My brother used it and he got a great mark on his grade 5 theory a few months ago. I've got my grade 5 theory exam coming up and I understand everything so much more now!! Thankyou, keep the good work up! from Madeleine :) 19th February 2012 

I just want to say what a truly wonderful site is; I wouldn’t have got the Distinction grades I have without this most valuable resource so THANK YOU!  I usually use the AB Guide to Music Theory and the ABRSM theory in practice books for the grades but I have to say the AB guide feels like more of an overview whereas your lessons and exercises really give the more in depth clues and keys to the logic of it all. Just to let you know that your hard work is really, really appreciated. Thanks again and I am eagerly awaiting the next grades. Sally, 8th February 2012 

As the year finishes, I just wanted to say thank you again for your site and the resources you provide. Thank you for finishing off the Grade 6 course. I have been following your course with one of my students and found that after studying Part A, exercise one in ABRSM book actually makes sense! You do a great service to folks like us working at schools not in the UK who desperately need help and resources! Keep up the great work. Joanne, 9th December 2011 

We found your site by a search for ABRSM theory class. The cost and speed of response are great. The commments and suggestions are very helpful and easy to understand. Your lesson and exercise page (especially lesson pages for music theory) have helped us a lot. The comments and suggestions are of right amount. They are clear and to the point. Overall, this is a great service. I would highly recommend it. I have younger kids and when they are ready I will have them try your site, too! Feng; 16th November 2011 

Congratulations on the page. I feel the courses are great. I am a music lover with no knowledge of the 'theory' of it. Jorge; 21st Feb 2012 

Hi there, I just wanted to tell you that your website is amazing!  It was the sole reason I achieved a distinction in my Grade 5 theory examination.  My piano teacher was only concerned with me passing; I, on the other hand, wanted to achieve the best marks I could.  Your website enabled me to do this. It laid all the required information out in digestible chunks and was very easy to follow.  It made everything so much easier to understand. You should be extremely proud of your website, the guidance it provides, and the extent to which it helps people. Thank you once again. Kindest regards, Priya; 1st November, 2011 

Hi there I just wanted to give you feedback on your methodology for the figured bass qn of G6 theory. I've followed it for a past paper i sat yesterday and clawed so many marks back, I was only 1 mark off distinction, so THANK YOU! I'm sitting the paper next week and will let you know how I do ! There's a big void of helpful tutorials for this paper and I think your site really helps. Amy; 25th October 2011 

Thank you so much! My theory exam is coming up in a few days, and all thanks to you, I am so much more confident! I learnt so many things that my teacher couldn't explain! Thank you so much! Rich; 25th October 2011 

My Thumbs Up again for all the effort you had taken to create this site, especially for many youngsters reading and filtering information from the original text book of ABRSM Edition is very difficult (even I find it difficult ) but you've made it very simple for them. Also the blog site with information on different musical too - Good. Best Wishes! Wishing you a success on your endeavor. Joe; 12th October 2011 

Very impressed with the content on the site and what can be downloaded. Thanks for providing this valuable service! Rachel; 7th October 2011 

Really pleased to have the melodic composition for grade 6 material now on the website. Once again, it is really well written - in a down to earth, accessible way; so much more so than other material. Bravo. Andrea; 5th October 2011 

I still can't get over what a good job you did. I mean I searched all over the net and this is the ONLY one which is to the point and real classroom material and for a price which is really amazing. You should be proud of yourself. Chaim; 18th September 2011 

Thanks ever so much for the fabulous resources you create – you have made my music teaching so much easier, and enabled my Gifted &Talented students to complete grade 5 theory without taking up all their instrumental lesson time. Best wishes Candice; 14th September 2011 

Thankyou. I'm going to use your lessons for my pupils from now on as they're better than the abrsm books - much clearer for younger pupils.Sue; 24th August 2011

Hi there, I sat my Grade 6 Theory yesterday. Although I obviously don’t know the result, I feel quite confident and it’s all thanks to you!! Your lessons are BRILLIANT!!!! The lessons are so clearly well written with points at the end of each chapter, making everything easy to learn and revise. Thank you so much. Kind regards,Tracey; 19th June 2011

I just wanted to say that your online lessons are great and very easy to learn from!! Dan; 25th May 2011 

Extremely good value for money, cheaper than a face-to-face teacher, but on top of that there is no time wasted by you sitting while I go through exercises, which is what I have experienced in the past, all the minutes are on the specific things I asked you to look at, and obviously cheaper in the long term because there is not a commitment to a weekly lesson - it is as much as you need. 

Great quality, detailed feedback.  Beauty is that with you you have written out the feedback with good detail on specific issues.  If you have face to face lessons, you either listen to these comments and forget them later or jot down some notes, but not half as good as having your notes to consult. 

Speed of response - very quick, with the time difference often sent stuff in the evening and had response waiting for me next morning or even got response instantly :-)  The longest I had to wait was half a day I think.  So basically you can't get more conveneint.  And also if you have a face to face teacher and you have a question, you have to wait for your lesson to go through it.... 

I have 2 young kids and a lot of other commitments so I really didn't have time to have a weekly lesson and only needed a few lessons just to clarify the more complicated stuff, so it is not worth the effort of looking for a teacher and most don't want to do flexible arrangements.  I did most of my work on this in the evenings when the kids are in bed.  I have played piano and violin for many years on an off so had a reasonable background knowledge to a lot of stuff.  I would say that your online lessons are ideal for adults and older kids who already have a little bit of background in music and can work independently, or for younger kids if the parents have a bit of background in music, or for people that are financially unable to commit to weekly lessons for a few months (it really is great value for money!!). Regards Nicola; 27th February 2011

Thank you very much, Victoria, your website is just wonderful....; Theodora; 15th October 2010 

Firstly can I say thank you for your wonderful website. I am a school teacher and have found it invaluable in teaching over the last year, particularly for differentiation. Candice; 9th September 2010 

Thanks for the music theory site Victoria it's great. I have just retired at 62 so spending many hours brushing my theory up. I find your site a pleasure to visit. Thanks. John; 15th July 2010 

Hi - thanks for a fab website! saves a LOT of time/money wading through c**** ABRSM books and materials :-) I will be recommending this site to ALL my students as well as the local music service. I am an ex head of music now teaching privately so your site (and hard work putting it together) is most welcome. Phil; 2nd July 2010 

Victoria, Your site is great – I think it is wonderfull!  I’ve worked through from grade 1 to grade 5 – my exam is in June – and I use your site as additional study – you often put things in an easier to understand sort of way!!! Well done. Cheers, Paul P.S. Mature (44 ?) music student and struggling saxophonist!! 28th April 2010 

Thank you for such a wonderful website. I had a Grade 4 exam at college on Thursday and much of study and revision was based around your lessons and exercises from Grade 2 and 5.  I can't thank you anymore.  All of best, Joanna; 22nd February 2010 

Victoria, This is to express my praise to you.  You are really great!  Love you and your work!!  Best Regards, Noelle; 9th February 2010 

Just a word of thanks for your wonderful site on music theory.  I don't play music, but my family does. They insisted I should be able to pick up the theory (I am a mathematician).  So I found your site... Chee; 27th January 2010

My name is Karol and i have been using your web site last year for my first grade piano. I made it for distinction so just wanted to thank you for nice work with your site. 10th January, 2010 

Thanks so much for your effort in  putting up your wonderful website. I'm learning Grade IV theory to help my daughter with her Grade IV and V theory (ABRSM syllabus). I was having some trouble with writing 4-bar rhythms so I searched on Google and your site came up. I think the information and suggestions in the Grade I Rhythm section are great. Kind regards, Richard; 19th October 2009

Hi - just letting you know that I just received my Grade 5 theory ABRSM results.  I am absolutely thrilled that I received a Merit with 86% pass.  I certainly would have not even passed if I hadn't studied your Grade 5 theory course online.  I also downloaded your exam papers for extra help too.  You have inspired me to carry on with my piano lessons/music and I certainly do credit my Merit pass from your course - thanks again, I'm really ecstatic!!! Kind regards, Kim; 8th July 2009

Hi, I am a mother of a nine year old who is studing grade 1 theory and an 8 year old who is about to start. As I have no music experience I have found your site invaluable as I am able to help her and understand her questions. Thankyou so much at last I am able to help when she needs it. We are looking forward to the grade 2 addition hopefully it will be ready when she starts studing for that exam. Many thanks again, for the answer to my previous question and I am sure there will be lots in the near future. Caron; 2nd April 2009

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