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Music Theory Links

Links to Useful Music Theory Resources

These links will take you to pages for further study, but be aware that they are not organised by theory grade. 

We don't link to commercial websites, just interesting/academic ones.

All links will open in a new window/tab. 

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The Physics of Sound and the Physiology of Hearing



Schenkerian Analysis


Avant Garde Music Techniques

Introduction to Post-Functional Music Analysis: Set Theory, The Matrix, and the Twelve-Tone Method

12 Tone Music - A VERY accessible and interesting video by "recreational mathemusician" Vi Hart. [Video] *Highly Recommended*

Fractal Music

Quarter Tone Music [Video]

Axis System

Pitch Class Sets



An Introduction to Species Counterpoint

Species Counterpoint: A Structural Examination of Tonality, Vocabulary, Texture, Sonorities, and Time Organization in Western Art Music



Genres of Music - a list

Genres of Music - audio examples of every genre on the planet (almost!)



Music Quotes

Music Theory Song [Video]

Donald Duck in Math Magic Land - Music (Explains musical ratios and Pythagorus) [Video]


Harmony & Chords

Database of examples of music theory harmony concepts

Harmonic Progressions  common in tonal classical music

Chord Progressions in Pop Music - an introduction [Video]

Bach Chorale Pedagogic Resource - a list of examples of various techniques found in the chorales

Major to Minor - A Collection of I-III chord progressions

Pop Music Theory - Excellent site illustrating the "classical" techniques in a pop context


Instrument Specific Music Theory Sites

Drums: Drum! Magazine



Jazz chord  notation


Linguistics and Music

Speaking in Tones: Our ability of communicate is inseparable from our musical sense. 



Music Criticism

How to Critique Music Structure


Music Industry

How musicians really make money, in one long graph



Critical Musicology A form of musicology which applies aspects of Critical Theory (as practiced within other humanities disciplines) to music

Historical Texts on Music from the 14th-17th centuries (in English)

Historical Texts on Music from the 3rd-17th centuries (in Latin)

The Theoretical Works of Johannes Tinctoris (Renaissance music theorist)



The Orchestra: A User's Manual [Provided by the Philharmonia Orchestra, Southbank, London UK]



CASS GB: The Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain

EPTA: The European Piano Teachers' Association (and UK branch)



Everything you ever wanted to know about phrases


Psychology of Music

Harmony: Nurture not Nature

Are classical music competitions judged on looks?



Database of PhD dissertations on music theory, musicology and ethnomusicology

The New York Philharmonic Digital Archives Explore programs, scores, images, and business documents.

The Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals 500 rare music periodicals




Music Techonology

Musescore Free music notation software, highly recommended.

Synthesisers which compose according to the rules of harmony



World Music

British Folk Music Theory

Chinese Music Theory

Bridging Arabic & Western Music




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