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Grade Five Revision - 3

Look at the following extract which has been adapted from a piece for piano and viola by Bowen, and answer the questions below.

Click here to print some blank manuscript paper.


  1. Give the meaning of "poco lento e cantabile". (2 points)
  2. Give the meaning of "poco crescendo". (1 point)
  3. Write out bars 6-7 of the viola part using the treble clef. Don't forget to include the key signature. (2 points)
  4. Which member of the string family is the next lowest after the viola? (1 point)
  5. Name one similarity and one difference between bars 1-2 and bars 5-6. (2 points)
  6. Choose two of these words to describe the time signature: simple/compound/irregular/duple/triple/quadruple. (2 points)
  7. The key is A major. Give the technical name (e.g. tonic) of the highest note in the viola part, and the highest note in the piano part. (2 points)
  8. Name the triads (e.g. I, ii) which are made from the notes circled at A and B. (2 points)
  9. What is the relative minor key to A major? (1 point)


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