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Grade Five Music Theory - Instrument Composition Course

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Intensive email course tailored to the ABRSM grade 5 composition question marking criteria 

  • For students who are ABRSM grade five music theory candidate level
  • 5 lessons, available to download immediately on payment
  • 5 homework tasks each comprising questions on the lesson material and a complete composition, marked according to ABRSM criteria
  • Fee £25 inclusive of marking and any questions you may have.


  • You'll need to be able to scan or photograph your answers to the homework, to return them by email.
  • Your homework will then be marked and returned to you. You'll receive individual feedback.
  • You can work at your own pace - the course is valid for 1 year.
  • The course will train you in a method for answering the Grade 5 (ABRSM) composition question. Please note that is not a general composition course - it is specifically designed for answering the Grade 5 question on writing a melody for an instrument.
  • Places are limited. If the "Pay with PayPal" button is not showing on this page, it means that I do not currently have any vacant places. Feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve the next vacant place if that is the case.
  • The cost of the whole course is just £25.00. 

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The course lessons are:

  • Rhythm, the Anacrusis and Writing a Complete Melody
  • Adapting the Given Opening
  • Shape and Direction
  • Harmonic Foundation
  • Performance directions

These are all aspects of the melody which are graded by the ABRSM examiners. Please see the marking criteria here

Also covered within these lessons are: "unity of style", "phrase structure", suitability to the instrument, and style/character.


Did you know...?

  • The composition question in the grade 5 music theory exam is worth 15%- it could make the difference between a pass or a fail, or getting a distinction!
  • It's marked in a complicated way - you are expected to use your all-round knowledge of music theory to make a good composition.
  • It DOES matter how neat your work is.
  • There is no "one right answer" for the composition questions, but there are lots of things which would be most definitely "wrong!" Do you know what they all are?
  • Most instrument teachers don't have much time to teach composition, but it's an important part of the exam.
  • You can learn some top tips really quickly to boost your score!
  • You don't have to be a budding Mozart to score top marks in the composition question. 



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