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Music Theory Lessons by Email 

MyMusicTheory provides music theory services by email. We can correct your work, or provide lessons by email.


Service Details Cost
Marking Service
  • We can mark and give detailed feedback on exercises or compositions from any source (i.e. from this website or any theory books or past exam papers or elsewhere) up to grade 8.
  • We do a quick assessment of your work and write back to you, telling you roughly how many minutes we would have to spend marking it. If your work is mostly correct, it will be very quick to mark. If there are a lot of mistakes it will take longer. Higher grades require more time than lower ones.
  • If you accept this evaluation, we would then send you an Paypal invoice for however many minutes of lessons you wish to purchase, or you can use the PayPal button to pay now.
  • When the payment has been received, you can then send us your work by email as frequently as you wish.
  • You will need to be able to either photograph or scan your answers in order to attach them by email.
  • We will reply by email with marks, comments and advice, and let you know how many minutes have been used up. (We calculate to the nearest minute).
  • We do not currently mark any GCSE, A/AS level or AP music theory work.

£20 per hour (minimum 30 minutes)


Grade 5 Revision Course This course covers the essentials for all grade 5 theory topics. Easy-to-follow pdf lessons are provided, with homework tasks which you email to us for marking, plus assessment tests and revision tips. Very high success rate. For more information, please read this £50.00
Grade 5 Composition Course Everything you need to know about the grade 5 music theory composition question (instruments): this course is based on the published ABRSM marking criteria to ensure that you know everything you need to gain top marks. For more information, please read this.


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Grade 5 Revision and Composition Deal Get the grade 5 revision course PLUS the composition course and save £5! 


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Grade 5 Diagnostic Test Are you ready to enrol for the Grade 5 Music Theory Exam? Find out with this specially designed test. More information here.


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Grade 6 Harmony Course Teaches step-by-step you how to answer q.1 and q.2 in the grade 6 exam: harmonising a melody and realising a figured bass. 14 x 1 hour self-study structured lessons, each with an assessed homework to send to us via email. Read more...


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Your Teacher

All marking is done by myself - Victoria Williams. I hold a BA (Hons) (2.1) in Music from the University of Leeds (1995). 

I will always reply within 48 hours and usually the response is the same day.

[If you don't get a reply, please check your spam folder. I can also be contacted via Facebook or LinkedIn, if all else fails!]


If you decide that the marking service is not up to your expectations, please let us know why and we will refund your payment.


We advise you to always handwrite your answers, because computer music processing software usually automatically corrects mistakes, aligns notes and so on.

We recommend sending in questions in ones or twos - this allows you to read and understand our comments before continuing.

If you send a large batch of questions to mark, we will normally mark only a few of them and then ask if you want us to continue or if you would like to resubmit your answers in the light of what you have learnt.

Students usually choose their own study materials. However, if you are not sure what level you are or what you need/want to study next, we can advise.


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note, currently I don't accept marking by post, and I don't teach via Skype or phone.


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Important Information

  • Files are available for download as soon as your payment has been processed. Click on "My Downloads" to access your files. If you don't see your files straight away, log out and in again and they should appear!
  • MyMusicTheory is owned by Real English Extra (Ltd.) You will see this business name on Paypal's pages.



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