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Although aimed at grade 5 students, grade 6 students have also found this course valuable for revision of the basics of composition.

Grade 6 Course

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Wednesday 4th March 2015, 5pm

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Grade Six Music Theory - Melodic Decoration Exercises (A5)

Move your mouse slowly over the stave or light-bulb (tap on mobile devices) to reveal the answers.


Types of Melodic Decoration


1. Name the types of melodic decoration you might expect to see in the grade 6 exam: (the first letter has been given)

a) A_____________________ & A_____________________Answer 

b) R_____________________ Answer

c) S_____________________ Answer

d) P_____________________ & P______________________ Answer

e) C_____________________ Answer


2. Match these definitions to the types of melodic decoration from question 1:

Definition ?
They are either "down a 2nd, down a 3rd then up a 2nd" OR "a step one way, and a leap the other"... Answer
They are chord notes which belong to the previous chord and they resolve upwards... Answer
They fall in between two different chord notes which are a 3rd apart... Answer
They are chord notes which belong to the previous chord which resolve downwards... Answer
They fall between two identical chord notes... Answer
They are a tonic or dominant note played continuously... Answer
They are chord notes which belong to the next chord ... Answer


 3. The boxed notes are types of melodic decoration. Name the type for each one. 

Include a full description: [accented, unaccented, chromatic, upper, lower] as appropriate.


melodic-decoration-1 0 0melodic-decoration-1 0 1melodic-decoration-1 0 2

chorale-25 0 0chorale-25 0 1chorale-25 0 2


melodic-decoration-3 0 0melodic-decoration-3 0 1