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Grade Six Music Theory - Melodic Decoration Exercises (A5)

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Types ofMelodic Decoration


1. Name the types of non-chord notes you might expect to see in the grade 6 exam: (the first letter has been given)

a) A_____________________ & A_____________________ Answer

b) R_____________________ Answer

c) S_____________________ Answer

d) P_____________________ & P______________________ Answer

e) C_____________________ Answer


2. Match these definitions to the types of non-chord note from question 1:

Definition ?
They are either down a 2nd, down a 3rd then up a 2nd OR a step one way, and a leap the other... Answer
They are chord notes which belong to the previous chord and they resolve upwards... Answer
They fall in between two different chord notes which are a 3rd apart... Answer
They are chord notes which belong to the previous chord which resolve downwards... Answer
They fall between two identical chord notes... Answer
They are a tonic or dominant note played continuously... Answer
They are chord notes which belong to the next chord and they resolve downwards... Answer



3. The circled notes are non-chord notes. Name the type for each one. State whether any passing notes are accented or unaccented.

nonchord1 0 0nonchord1 0 1nonchord1 0 2

nonchord2 0 0nonchord2 0 1nonchord2 0 2nonchord2 0 3

nonchord3 0 0nonchord3 0 1nonchord3 0 2nonchord3 0 3


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