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Music Theory Courses & Resources

If you (or your child) are studying for an ABRSM music theory exam (what's this?), then is for you.

We provide:

  1. Free online courses for grades 1-6. The courses cover the entire syllabus for each grade and contain a structured series of lessons with complementary exercises plus a practice exam. The answers to the exercises are revealed by hovering your mouse over part of the question. Use the Courses links on the top menu to access the online courses.
  2. Worksheets to Download. Each of the online courses (and exercises/tests) can be downloaded. You need to register and pay for a subscription. Click on "Downloads" for a list of our plans. The download material is designed for printing (black and white, without advertising or menus etc.) For some grades there are also supplementary materials available which don't appear at all on the site.
  3. Music Theory Courses by Email. Currently we provide  two structured courses for grade 5 students - a general revision course, suitable for students whose exam is roughly in a month's time, and a composition training course
  4. Marking services by Email. Students of any grade can use our marking services. Send in your music theory homework (from this site, past papers, books, anywhere!) by email and we will mark it and return by email. 
  5. Level Testing. We offer a diagnostic test (by email) which will test your readiness for the grade 5 theory exam. You'll receive detailed feedback, including information about which areas of music theory are your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Blog. The blog offers general music theory and music history educational posts. There are long-running series on genres of music, instruments and composers, plus several posts about composing for the grade 5 exam. 
  7. Forum. Chat with us and other music theory friends at our forum.




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